What you get

SafeCyberL!fe is an educational service, just like when you learn to drive you must take driving lessons, that feature safety aspects. SafeCyberl!fe is a journey for individuals to know how to build their Cyber Security at home and in their organisations. This education is important for you to minimise your vulnerability to cyber criminals as well as preparing you for the 4th Industrial Revolution that is already upon us.

Benefits of buying a SafeCyberLife R299 package:
  Premium acesss to our online portal.
  Online Platform credentials to enable you to develop the 12 Steps towards living a SafeCyberLife.
  Within the Online platforms you have a choice of Audio, Video or text in understanding the implementation of the 12 SafeCyberLife Steps.
  Option for more software/services like Kaspersky total security software and secure email services.

The 5 of 12 Steps of SafeCyberL!fe are as follows:
  Performing Technology Audit at Home.
  Password Management.
  Secure Email Training.
  Anti-virus Software Guidance.
  Software Updates.

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