CyberHero Donation

SafeCyberLife, in partnership with SADICO ( have embarked on a project to recruit and train the youth in Cyber Security and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Out of Africa into the Future!!!

This partnership is centred around the acknowledgment that the youth are the future and need to be empowered with the skills of understanding digital technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution, in particular, the safe entry into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  Cyber Cadets : A project aimed at educating Teenagers and young adults about Cyber Security and making them Cyber Security Advocates in the Communities. SafeCyberLife has 750 Cyber Caders already enrolled and the target is to empower more than 50 000 Cyber Cadets in South Africa and 500 000 Cyber Cadets in the African Continent.

  Cyber-Hero: A Project aimed at delivering Cyber Security Awareness and Education to learners going to school, from Grade 4 to Grade 12. This project is aimed at building the foundation of cyber security at school. The project aims to reach all South African Provinces by the 30th June 2020 and grow into the rest of the continent by June 2025.

The Cyber Cadets and Cyber Hero Projects need help and SafeCyberLife and SADICO are hereby calling for Donation.

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