What you get from SCL Work From Home

The Covid 19 pandemic and the associated LockDown levels are ushering a new set of political, economic, social and technological changes that are clearly going to have a serious impact on life as we know it. The major development is the fast tracked introduction of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) already evident in the way we now live, with the internet at the centre of our lives, the New Norm is taking place. You now spend more time at home using online system to connect to workplace, school, social club and many other engagements that will forever change. The New Norm is in. SafeCyberL!fe is an educational service, just like when you learn to drive you must take driving lessons, that feature safety aspects. SafeCyberl!fe is a journey for individuals and families to know how to build their Cyber Security at home and in their organisations, as an important set of skills needed for the New Norm. This education is important for you to minimise your vulnerability to cyber criminals as well as preparing you for the 4th Industrial Revolution that is already upon us.

Benefits of buying a SafeCyberLife Work From Home Package R4 500 package you get the following:
  Kaspersky Software to protect 5 devices at home.
  Secure email service (with new email addresses) to give you secure email service for up to 10 people within the family, with your own domain name.
  Work From Home Technology Guidelines around the various videoconferencing and online platforms designed to make Working From Home possible.
  Guide to various online school content.
  Access to the SafecyberLife online platform, through the Portal and the App.
  Online Platform credentials to enable you to develop the 12 Steps towards living a SafeCyberLife.
  Within the Online platforms you have a choice of Audio, Video or text in understanding the implementation of the 12 SafeCyberLife Steps.
  Cyber Alerts and regular advice, especially around the Cyber Attacks during the Covid 19 Lockdown.

The 6 of 12 Steps of SafeCyberL!fe are as follows:
  Performing Technology Audit at Home and understanding how this can be optimally used when working from home.
  Password Management.
  Secure Email Training.
  Anti-virus Software Guidance.
  Introduction to the 8 elements of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  Preparing your children for the 4th Industrial Revolution, especially for their careers in 4IR.

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