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Do you know how your family, colleagues,
or staff behave online can create a vulnerable online experience?

No doubt, the Internet can be an extremely useful tool for people both young and old, families or businesses. But instant messaging, chat rooms, emails and social networking sites can also bring trouble - from Cyberbullying to more serious Internet dangers, including exposure to sexual predators and hacking. Many people are getting into trouble on Social Media and on the internet because they think they are engaging privately. Don’t fall into the danger of being a victim of your behaviour on social media and on the internet. Begin understanding how it works and protect yourself, your family and your organisation now, tomorrow and in future.

Cybersecurity issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses. Trends show a huge increase in hacked and breached data from sources that are increasingly common in the workplace, like mobile and IoT devices. Additionally, recent research suggests that most companies have unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices in place, making them vulnerable to data loss. We’ve compiled some cybersecurity statistics to give you a better idea of the current state of overall security, and paint a picture of how potentially dire leaving your company or family unsecure can be.


The increasing amount of large-scale, well-publicized breaches suggests that not only are the number of security breaches going up — they’re increasing in severity, as well.


This device is actually a computer behaving like a phone. The computing power of these devices is continually increasing to the extent of making these devices too essential for humans. Therefore, these devices have to be used with the utmost safety precautions as well as understanding the security risks associated with their use. Prevention is better than cure. Begin understanding your device.