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There are many steps that businesses and individuals can take to secure their data from being accessed by unauthorized people.

None of them are guaranteed. These methods lower the risks of being a victim and the worst consequences should a hack be successful. But we first need to get past our desire for convenience at any cost. We need to eliminate the ambivalence...

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Often, people are not aware of the dangers of accessing public Wi-Fi. Not all public Wi-Fi are genuine and could turn out to be fake access points created by hackers.

This is why free access at a majority of public Wi-Fi spots are not considered safe connections. Just by simply logging in to one of these Wi-Fi hotspots may make personal information visible as the ...

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Apart from malware, email spam can also be classified as a viable threat to data security. While on the surface they seem like harmless messages piling up in the junk folder of our emails, each message potentially carries hazardous malware.

These harmful or intrusive spyware can be installed on our computer systems simply by clicking on the link...

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We help, as much or as little as you'd like, with perfecting every aspect of your cyber experience.


  By Joining SafeCyberLife you get the combination of being guided to develop and manage cyber security at home and in your business as well as cyber insurance to help you in case you become a victim of cyber crime. Cyber insurance is delivered through our partnership with XonRisk (and their partners), in compliance with the Financial Regulations of South Africa.
  Empower yourself by understanding how to perform Technology Audit at work and at Home, appreciating the technology deployed and helping your family and your organization with the Asset Management processes. Take control of your digital life.


  Customised Solution that facilitates a holistic approach for Cyber Security in your organization, based on the International Telecommunications Union's Global Cyber Security Index Pillars.
  Receive regular Cyber alerts to your mobile or to your Organization on the latest Cyber attacks and solutions to respond to the attacks.
  Anti-virus Software and customisation. Kaspersky Solution for up to 5 Devices within your family or organization for Premium Subscribers. Additional devices can be added on request, terms and conditions apply.

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We help, as much or as little as you'd like, with perfecting every aspect of your cyber experience.

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